Last Chair: Sportspersonship


What is Sportspersonship?

This past weekend, one of our young XLR8 Alpine Racing athletes taught us all something about Sportspersonship and what XLR8 Alpine Racing is all about, Living Loud through our actions.

As competitors, we all strive to be the best that we can be, but in that pursuit, we sometimes forget what is most important, which is being a good person.  In being a good person and thus sportsperson, we become good ambassadors for our club and our sport.

This young athlete received an award at a race due to an error in results that she did not earn.  Rather than keeping this medal, she presented the medal to the correct athlete and then took the extra medal and gave it back to the CUSSA officials at a following race.  The athlete did this without asking for anything in return.

As an XLR8 Alpine Racing member, I am proud of the values that our Coaches and Staff instill in our young athletes.  Let’s all try to show more Sportspersonship throughout this ski season like this young athlete did.

How We Living . . .